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TEDxOU - Jason Roberts - How To Build a Better Block (by TEDxTalks)

Walnut Street, Shadyside, Pittsburgh

Love the lights!

Smithfield St and the site of the Old Post Office today.

Campo de’ frioi.



Zellescher weg.

Jolly Green Giant.

Gerichtsweg. Leipzig.


Brilliant study exploring the social and psychological ramifications of traffic on how neighbors perceive their street. Please share!

Donald Appleyard’s study on the relationship between level of traffic & how people experience their streets.

(via captainplanit)

The amount of traffic on your street can affect how many friends you have there.

I wonder how suburban development and lower density would affect these numbers?

Dobson Street, Polish Hill, Pittsburgh.

Brenton Street, Polish Hill, Pittburgh.

The Southside is a vibrant neighborhood, full of texture! and layers! South 17th is one of my favorite streets: the view of churches up on the Slopes, streets paved with Belgium block, the Gypsy Cafe and Beehive, and a nice little kink in the street just south of Carson which creates an interesting view of the buildings down the street and up the Slopes.