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A chronicle of delightful things: architecture, design, travel, food, music, drink, and such – with inevitable diversions.

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Stuff I like

Five. Such a pleasant workspace. OH NO SO MUCH WORK. I NEED TO CLEAN THIS PLACE UP, MAYBE, LIKE, AFTER GRADUATION. My jade plant Afriti has seen me though it all; ALL MY OTHER PLANTS HAVE DIED! #somedaysofconditionalhappiness #superpartyhaus #room #plant

№ 4— What a lovely tree, dropping its petals to the breeze; how pleasant the weather, except IT’S LIKE THIS PERIODICALLY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR SO IT’S LIKE, WHATEVER #somedaysofconditionalhappiness #tree (hier: Freehouse)

Day the first. This is (WAS) a good omelette. I recently am improving my omelette-making ability. Green onions and cheddar=yums. Also good homemade almond cake and newly-discovered delicious minneolas. BUT AN OMELETTE PAN WHERE THE EGGS STICK LESS WOULD BE COOL. Also I HOPE ALL THESE EGGS DON’T NEGATIVELY IMPACT MY PREVIOUSLY-BORDERLINE HIGH CHOLESTEROL. I like olive oil though, that helps, right?#somedaysofconditionalhappiness #foodorwhatever

Oh, what have we done! It’s a biblical question, and we do not seem able to pull ourselves out of its familiar—essentially religious—cycle of shame, denial, and self-flagellation. This is why (I shall tell my granddaughter) the apocalyptic scenarios did not help—the terrible truth is that we had a profound, historical attraction to apocalypse. In the end, the only thing that could create the necessary traction in our minds was the intimate loss of the things we loved. Like when the seasons changed in our beloved little island, or when the lights went out on the fifteenth floor, or the day I went into an Italian garden in early July, with its owner, a woman in her eighties, and upon seeing the scorched yellow earth and withered roses, and hearing what only the really old people will confess—in all my years I’ve never seen anything like it—I found my mind finally beginning to turn from the elegiac what have we done to the practical what can we do?

Beautiful prose about climate change by Zadie Smith, source

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#door #hayesvalley #sf (hier: Hayes Valley, San Francisco)

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